Mindset Mgmt Group

A Los Angeles-based consulting and coaching firm specializing in branding and entrepreneurial-minded strategies for business professionals.  MMG provides growth strategy development, smart, disruptive brand awareness campaigns and industry placements for businesses, brands and creatives. Our business services help clients take advantage of attractive opportunities, develop innovative business practices and place them in the best possible position to thrive. Clients receive unmatched attention to detail, quick response times and the most innovative and strategic methods of brand creation, execution and promotion.

What We Do

  • Create goal achievement deliverables and execution deadlines

  • Build marketing strategies to increase brand awareness  

  • Develop diversified streams of income for lifestyle growth

  • Execute a S.W.O.T. Analysis to determine where the business stands on four key strategic areas to better determine what changes to implement

  • Analyze and upgrade marketing strategies to take advantage of the current and future business climate

  • Connect businesses with potential partners and associates to build engagement and increase ROI 

  • Exploit current and predict future trends to ensure maximum lead-time over competitors

  • Link with complimentary brands for cross-pollination and additional exposure

  • Assist with new client acquisition and brand expansion

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Justin Key, MBA

Mindset Mgmt Group is led by Justin Key, an innovative and driven entrepreneurship strategist and thought-leader, who has many years of private and educational consultant experience in the start-up and entertainment industries. Justin has a creative and analytical mindset with a deep understanding of entrepreneurial business strategies, marketing best practices and brand development processes. He is especially driven and goal-oriented about trend analysis, business development, brand creation and cross-pollination networking.

After getting his Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship coupled with his proven and successful background in Entertainment, he decided to pursue consulting on a basis to better serve his growing list of clients. He worked as an entertainment entrepreneurship professor for over 5 years where he helped nearly 1000 artists and business professionals create, define and launch their businesses and brands.

Justin has a passion for working with artists and entrepreneurs because he knows the level of rapid and generational success that can come with having not just an idea or goal but a master strategist on the team. He meets with his clients, in-person and remotely, to discuss goals and priorities, to understand the challenges and identify opportunities and help to develop an actionable plan with accountable deadlines. Trust Justin to ensure that all your entertainment and business goals are accomplished in a timely manner and within budget.

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