Confessions of an Artist Pt 3

(Originally published in 2014)

Artists: We are misunderstood creatures that are led by our emotions, dreams, and will to succeed in doing what we feel we were placed on this earth to do.  

No one said this journey would be easy, and as a matter of fact, everyone said it would be the hardest thing we ever tried to do. Although that may have scared us, it didn't stop us from moving to Hollywood, New York City, Chicago, or any other entertainment-based city or country to live out our dreams and one day hope to see our name in lights. Because we have so many people ‘we think’ are waiting to say “I told you so” or “It’s not for everybody" we tend to keep everything inside and refuse to let it show that we're hurting, afraid, depressed, or sometimes right on the edge of a cliff (mentally and emotionally). The fierce competition amongst other artists limits our ability to be 100% honest and open with each other even though we could all be feeling and going through the same thing. "Whom can I trust, and will I be judged?" are the questions that continually race through our heads. This is not good for anyone. As artists, no matter what specialty, our emotions are a driving force in allowing our gifts to be manifested on stage and screen, but if they are closed up and hidden because of ‘fear' then we are doing a disservice to the gifts we have been given.         

Artists are a special breed of people; hand-picked by God to interpret what others can’t through action, song, dance, and speech.   

We have to accept that we are weird by the world's standard, considered mentally strange by those that haven't been given our gifts and abnormal to those of our bloodline that grew up with us and knew we weren't like the rest of the family. I can't seem to remember when we actually started caring about what others thought about us. When that started to happen, we started second-guessing our actions and the direction in which our gifts had taken us. The beautiful part about being an artist is that we have no idea where our gifts and talents are going to take us, but that's one of the best parts of the journey, not knowing but enjoying the ride anyways. Don't let me forget to mention this "love" thing. Yes, when we fall in love, we fall harder than anyone else, but the downside of that is when we fall out of love, we fall faster than anyone else. Can we control that? I have no idea; I'm enjoying the ride just like everyone else. Embrace it, enjoy it, learn from it, and make beautiful art because of it. Don't be ashamed, afraid, or timid about your gifts, your talents, the person you love, and the risks you have to take. Be honest, be sincere, be fearless, be open, be unapologetic, and be YOU!


Justin Key